Fun Tips To Get Toddlers Brushing

It s not easy. We know that.

If there s one conserving grace, it s that you re not the only one in the battle. Hopefully that makes you really feel a LITTLE much better.

While a lot of parents, obviously, experience resistance on some level, they re also quite mindful that having their youngsters clean their teeth is important to their total health and wellness. Sometimes, nevertheless, brushing teeth can feel a lot like pulling teeth.

It doesn t constantly have to be this way.

The top mesa dentist suggests the following suggestions to make your toddler s tooth brushing experience as seamless and enjoyable as feasible.

Brush Time = Game Time

Maintaining good health is, obviously, beyond a toddler s understanding at this age. Nonetheless, if you can transform this time around right into a minute of enjoyable and enjoyment, health can come to be all-natural.

So, what do you do?

Transform tooth brushing time into video game time. For instance, you can play a game of imitator as well as ask your kid to resemble your activities.

You can additionally think about vocal singing songs about brushing your teeth or even comprise stories. Inevitably, he/she will enjoy vocal singing to entertaining tracks that rhyme or are memorable.

Deal a Benefits System

Think about developing a benefits system for when your kid brushes his/her teeth a particular variety of times or for a particular number of days. One means to do this is to install a calendar and also include a sticker to the chart whenever your child brushes. When he/she makes 5, 10, or 15 sticker labels, you can reward them with a going to bed story/song or a trip to the dollar store.

Let Your Youngster Use a Fun Tooth Brush

One of the secrets to getting your kid to comb his/her teeth is by letting them make use of an enjoyable toothbrush. Ultimately, you desire them to look forward to brushing. With a toothbrush that s enjoyable as well as appropriate, kids will certainly look forward to using it. As an example, you could intend to get one that is action figure-themed or one with Ninja Turtles or even Disney Princesses on it.

Make It a Plaything

If you allow your toddler have fun with his/her toothbrush, the whole procedure will come to be acquired behavior. As an example, you can allow your kid practice brushing teeth on a stuffed pet or doll. After that, they can replicate that procedure using their very own teeth.

One more option to take into consideration is producing a toothbrush holder that is fun and also involving. Your kid will eventually consider this as a cool device and also will certainly expect utilizing it everyday.


Your child s health and also health is of utmost value. While getting your toddler to comb his/her teeth can be challenging, these are some terrific suggestions to make the procedure that a lot easier. Consider using some of these to make the experience much better for both you as well as your children.

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