Egg Cook Guide: Over Easy, Over Medium, And Over Hard Eggs

What would you prefer if you had the unfavorite dish and egg dish in front of your eyes?

A few people don’t like eggs, but those who eat eggs will surely go with an egg dish. On top of that, when you get the tasty dish of eggs over your regular one, then that’s going to be lit. Right?

Considering that, we are coming up with this blog that will show you how to cook eggs over, easy, over medium, and over hard. And, you can get many nutritional benefits from the egg dishes like better cholesterol, higher HDL, and more.

Besides that, if you want to learn an egg recipe and want to give your friends a surprise, take your eyes on the following recipes. You will learn how to cook the eggs over easy, medium, and hard eggs. But, first, you should understand the difference between them from the following.

Over Easy

The over easy egg cooked and flipped for a few seconds more to fully cook the white but not completely runny yolk.

Over Medium

The over medium egg is cooked for a single minute or two, and it is enough to set yolk but keep it a bit creamy.

Over Hard

The rolled egg takes time to set yolk, which needs consistency as a completely hard-boiled egg. So, after getting it, it will be easier to move forward and know how to make them properly.

Over Easy Eggs

So, first, we have the over easy eggs. During over easy eggs, which are also called over, lightly the white can be cooked on either side or uncomplicatedly set on the other side. When it comes to runny, the white camp becomes an over easy egg that has its white partially unset. It means the over easy egg is not similar to doneness, from a sunny side up eggs.

The people who want a perfectly runny yolk with perfect set whites would direct side up eggs, and if they desire a runny yolk with a bit of runny yolk with little runny white, they’d order over easy.

To be precise, the fried egg does not have a place for runny white, and an over easy egg is cooked until the white sets on either side. When it begins to boil, it is flipped long to set the white, and however, it needs to keep the yolk runny for 30 seconds.

As a result, the sunny side up eggs and an over easy egg’s degree of cooking are similar. When the yolk starts to flick over, it looks different, and after that, it looks worse. So, over easy is a set of white with runny yolk over.

Over Easy Eggs

How To Make Over Easy Eggs?

You are here to learn how to make over easy eggs. So, without wasting time, start your reading to collect more information.

First, you need a nonstick pan. But remember that the pan should have sloping sides, and it will help you get the eggs without a spatula if you don’t flip your eggs. The experts use the sloped pan for egg flipping. Besides that, choose your spatula as your nonstick pan.

Easy Cooking Steps

  • Step 1. First, warm your pan and add butter or ghee on medium-high heat to melt.

Don’t warm your pan too much if you want to make them brown and crispy, and yolk to be cooked on. If you want to cook many eggs at one time and plan to flip them without using a spatula, you can crack them in a bowl and transfer the eggs into the pan.

Do you know what makes an egg easier to flip? When you break two eggs into a similar small pan, the whites melt together, and it becomes easy to flip them. You can use the spatula on the over large pan.

  • Step 2. Keep your heat on low when you put your eggs into the pan and fry.

You don’t need to hurry because you can cook eggs slowly. Again we suggest using the better quality of the pan because the better the pan you use, the more success you will get when the pan reacts to the change in heat settings.

  • Step 3. You must cook your eggs on either side until the white starts to set and is unclear around the edges.
  • Step 4. Now, roll the eggs over and let them be for only a few seconds on either side.

So, in this way, you can cook over easy eggs. You can also roll once before serving your guests, but it depends on you, and it is not necessary. When the whites are set to the middle, the second side of the eggs will set barely. With that, let’s move to the over medium eggs.

Over Medium Eggs

Over medium eggs are those which are cooked on one side until the white portion sets. Roll them and cook for more time than over easy eggs. Continue the process until the yolk starts to become a bit hard, which is called over medium eggs.

That means it should have a runny yolk because most people prefer this a lot. However, it’s not bad for the yolk part to have gone a bit hard.

One of the most popular ways to order fried eggs for dinner is over medium eggs. Also, if you are going to order an over medium in a crowded dinner place, you can end with something you like and over easy. But, it may be a bit brown than that of regular.

So, if you think it sounds too easy, but you are not sure about the restaurant, you can order it. You will get a bit more hard yolk than you expect, but it is better than that of a lot of runny white.

In the end, we are saying that you have to cook them over medium eggs until the white part is set on either side and then roll it and cook for around a minute.


How To Make Over Medium Eggs?

Before a start, you should carry the fresh eggs because they have firmer and fewer liquidity whites. Further, they can hold the shape better. After that, you should use a thin spatula for cooking. It is vital, and you will need it to slide the spatula inside the egg and turn it gently. It will help you keep your yolk as it is without breaking.

Along with that, you must use a pan or skillet, which is non-stick. You must choose the right size pan that will provide plenty of space to spread out. And, see how to cook over medium eggs from the following.


  • Step 1. Warm the non-stick pan on medium heat.
  • Step 2. Put the butter or oil and cover the pan. (Ensure that the pan is perfectly oiled. It will save your eggs from sticking. You can also spread butter on it if necessary.)
  • Step 3. Break the egg in a bowl.
  • Step 4. Now, you can add the eggs once the butter melts.
  • Step 5. Spice it with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  • Step 6. Cook the eggs on either side first for at least 2-4 minutes until the white gets cooked. Now, the corners begin to curl.
  • Step 7. By using the thin spatula, you have to roll the egg gently. (take your spatula under the yolk)
  • Step 8. After that, cook it for two minutes and roll it once.

It’s done. Now you can serve it to your family or friend.

Over Hard Eggs

Over hard eggs are also called the over well. It is fried eggs that turn on and cook until the yolk gets hard. It looks like the white portion has become brown crispy, especially the edges. When you cook an over hard egg on higher heat, it is possible to get this white browning effect without the white being too rubbery.

You can see the above thing in the over medium eggs also. Some people love egg white that becomes brown and starts to crisp, and others like the texture of the eggs. Further, over hard eggs get cooked until it sets on either side. After that, roll and cook again until both whites and yolk are set and hard.

It is the best way of eating fried eggs. You know what, most people can’t go without a runny yolk in their fried eggs because there is nothing like soaking up the yolk with toast. Talking about the soaking, you don’t see the reason to have a sunny side egg other than creativity. However, a few individuals love that yolk with toast.

You can do the above same thing with over easy or over medium eggs too. But you have to get over from the fog made on the yolks. After that, you will get your fried egg as per this blog post. So, with that, let’s understand how to make over hard eggs with the following easy steps.


How To Cook Over Hard Eggs?

Over hard eggs are fully cooked yolks, which is similar to a hard-boiled egg. So, boiled egg lovers can also try this. These are different from the sunny side up with the bright yellow yolk but are tasty. Continue your reading to get the easy steps to cook over hard eggs.

But, before that, we would suggest you pick the right pan and eggs. It is because the excellent over hard eggs begin with the best ingredients and the perfect non-stick pan. Make sure you are using the fresh eggs for better taste. And now see the following easy steps.


  • Step 1. First, you have to warm ½ tablespoon of butter on medium-low heat.
  • Step 2. Break and add one or two eggs into the pan.
  • Step. 3 Now, add kosher salt (as per your taste) with black pepper.
  • Step 4. Then cook it for 2-3 minutes, until the white portion is compressed. But the yolk is still runny.
  • Step 5. After this, it is time to flip and cook once, around two minutes more. But, within that 2 minutes, press the yolk with a spatula after completing a minute to ensure that it’s cracked. And keep it as it is for the next one minute.

In this way, you can make the over hard egg at home. Now, you can serve it to the people you want to share with. But, how can you serve is the question., then follow the following instructions to serve.

How To Serve?

Over hard eggs are amongst the best breakfast dishes you can see. You can also add it to your brunch and meal. Many people love them on their favorite sandwiches. Keeping that in mind, we have given the following ways to serve over hard eggs.

  • Toss with avocado toast for your breakfast.
  • You can eat it with breakfast sandwiches.
  • You can also pair it with a fried egg sandwich.
  • Pair it with the bacon and pan-fried potatoes.
  • Sesame noodles are the favorite among people, so you can also eat them with top sesame noodles.
  • Roasted vegetables are most beneficial to you. You can eat over hard eggs with them.

So, make your pairings and enjoy eating. But don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the below review sections. We will be waiting for you there.


Egg dishes! What do you think about them?

We feel that a few will never like it because they don’t like the taste of the eggs. But, for egg lovers, egg dishes are one of the best things they can eat. As a result, they always look for an egg dish different from the last they have eaten.

Therefore, we have the basic fried egg dishes that can be paired with other healthy dishes for your breakfast and brunch. See what we have included in this article from the following bullet points.

  • What is over easy egg?
  • How to make over easy egg?
  • Easy steps to make over easy egg.
  • What is over medium egg?
  • How to make over medium egg?
  • Easy steps to make over medium egg.
  • What is over hard egg?
  • How to cook over hard egg?
  • Easy steps to cook over hard egg.
  • How to serve them with other dishes?

In the end, we hope you will love this article and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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