Best 5 ERP Software For Fashion & Apparel Business

When it comes to the fashion industry, everything matters from shades to fabric. Therefore, ERP Software becomes the most beneficial solution to manage all business activities smoothly. It helps to take care of the customer’s satisfaction and the service of the seller or vendor.

You can systematically manage all the business-relevant data. It is one of the primary reasons why you should choose ERP software. The companies that follow the supply chain system use it.

Similarly, it helps them to observe the portion from manufacturing to distribution. But, ERP is utilized by different groups of companies. It involves healthcare companies, non-profit organizations, construction or hospitality groups, fashion industries, and more. So, without wasting time, let’s see how it helps various factors like accounting.

What is ERP Software?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a system that permits you to integrate data in a single source that is advantageous to the whole organization.

Apart from this, ERP is beneficial to the entire organization in various methods. It starts from Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Manages Customer Relationship, helps to Production Management Process, Inventory and Supply, Fashion Industry and much more.

So, using ERP means you keep your data on the middle platform. Therefore, it decreases the manual entrance, trading data available to everyone, and merges the partner’s data for flowing operations and liquidity.

Furthermore, it creates a scope to learn new intuitions while making the latest processes that were not imaginable by the manual code or utilizing different tools.

Inclusive ERP software saves your business money spending on the other different applications. The following best examples of ERP software to help your different types of business activities.

ERP Softwares Types

1# Manufacturing ERP Software

The Manufacturing ERP Software is software for plans, manages, transfers, specified features that help to manufacture business operations. Contemporary manufacturing ERPs are made to aid and combine business activities, making business objectives for producing companies.

The benefits of the Manufacturing ERP are reducing the inessential and automatic activities to increase the capabilities. Also, it helps to give adequate services to its clients. Apart from this, it can grow the supply chain, warehouse, inventory management, etc., of the business enterprises.

Example of Manufacturing ERP Software

1#. Epicor

Epicor helps all the producers who have over $1 million in sales. Also, a company can purchase what it needs. And it offers manufacturing management, supply management, with schedule and finance management. Apart from this, this system is easy to modify, extensible, and agreeable with all mobile devices.


2#. Microsoft Dynamics

It helps in several ways to the business organization by offering them the name identification. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the best platforms that aids operations, financial accounting, CRM, project management, etc. whereas, the business center has substantial elemental functionalities out of the box.

Microsoft Dynamics

3#. Rootstock

Another tier-II provides help to the business organization. Rootstock can help you to manage the production schedule and capacity schedule, stock purchasing, financials, etc. Along with that, you can manage the engineering changes, sales orders, services, repairs, and returns. Surprisingly, the system also helps to strengthen potentials from low to high levels.



SYSPRO provides ERP functionalities that can be altered to the plate of the business. It is a tier-III provider that comes up with modular and additional elements. It also comes with vigorous scheduling functionalities. Syspro permits the utilization of the single-constraint and multi-constraint scheduling systems that allow actual labor and control the material and scrap of work-in-progress. It has the Engineering Change Control too.



DELMIAWorks was formerly famous as the IQMS. Today it is a commutable issuer, issuing the producing businesses the alternatives of attaching capabilities with extra models as they said. The main functions involve manufacturing and resource planning, scheduling, supplying, CRM, and more.


2# Construction ERP Software

The designer or manager has to control all the activities, from start to end, including cost. Also, after taking a contract, there is a need for subcontractors and others. Therefore, it helps to manage their expenses, payments, and more.

Besides that, Construction Enterprise Resource Planning Software is an ERP structure developed for the unusual requirements of the construction business organizations. Therefore, Construction ERP Software helps to manage the contractors, sub-contractors, financial and operational activities, construction accountancy, payroll, etc., in a single data folder.

We have a variety of product examples starting from the below to help you with suitable software.

Example of Construction ERP Software

1. Sage

The Enterprise Resource Planning software from the Sage company is suitable for all types of organizations, from small-scale to large-scale. It will help you to alter the business operations and growing capabilities. The ERP is safe and can be operated from your mobile devices. Further, it provides a combination of intelligence observance with efficient system repairs to save your precious business data.


2. Penta

Penta ERP controls the accounting systems, project management, and construction services. It comes up with a process of construction management and service management, along with tools, portability, and enterprise content management. Therefore, it is helpful to construction sites for preparing their data.

Penta ERP

3. Maestro

Maestro comes up with overall tools that combine construction management. You can manage the timesheets, sub-trades, flexile payments, etc., by utilizing this software. Apart from this, it is prepared to get the approximate work expenditure, project controlling, and accountancy requirements of the extensive contractors and managers of the business.


3# Retail ERP Software

Practically, ERPs are made for the manufacturing department. But, quickly, it has become an essential element of the retail management system. Retail ERP Software is created to combine and affix the specified business activities that are essential to business organizations. Therefore, retailers can effortlessly trace, evaluate, and smooth all those activities.

Example of Retail ERP Software

1) Infor

Infor provides cloud ERP that serves the requirements of different producers across the globe, giving the brightness they require to make a fast response to its clients and suppliers, along with the official needs. Besides that, there is no requirement for software alteration.


2) Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a single cloud business activity management system. It helps every business organization to perform its activities more efficiently through automatic elemental processes. And it serves real-time brilliance in the operational or financing activities of business organizations.

Oracle NetSuite


CREST ERP is prepared to increase faultlessly with your trading activities. It serves businesses in the producing and trading departments to control their performances. Including this, it helps business productivity, scalability, cost savings, and much more.


4) Align Books ERP

A variety of functions like accounting, asset management, attendance, etc., can be controlled by the Align Books enterprise resource plannings for the retail industry. Besides that, it has the best advantage of providing yearly payments systems to its users. Therefore, most retailers utilize this software to run their business organization smoothly.

Align Books

4# Government ERP Software

Aesthetic Enterprise resources software traverses space between actual boundaries and actualities of the established in the community. Apart from this, ERPNext is software used by a few governmental industries for their betterment.

They can make use of his ERP software, and mainly it is used in startups, small-scale businesses, and medium-scale businesses. The reason behind that is it comes up with some benefits. It involves Accounting, Audit Trail, Budgeting, etc.

Furthermore, it helps to provide managers or leaders a programmatic way to transform their efforts and the organization’s intuitions to shareholders in the public and IT sectors.

Example of Government ERP Software

1: Aptean

Today Aptean issues Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software for financial and manufacturing or producing markets. This ERP was made to meet as the solutions for business operational solutions. It also comes up with several ERPs such as Cimnet, Encomprix, Rose, etc., created to meet human requirements. It also offers solutions to retail, governments, transportations, real estate, and much more.


2: Deltek Costpoint

Deltek Costpoint is another best software for government or public sector organizations. It helps them in analyzing new scopes to develop the business activities. Furthermore, it has a variety of ERP products that helps to meet the demands of the customers. Also, these are used in various departments or enterprises. Some of them are aerospace, defense, hospitality, non-profits, etc.

Deltek Costpoint

3: OpenGov

OpenGov is one of the best cloud ERP solutions! It is helpful to budgeting, community improvements, and financial management. Most governments, including the US, depend on this software. It helps them to improve capacity, resource assignments, data information availability, etc. Besides that, the cloud of this software issues financial budgeting, reporting, transparency, licensing, and more.


4: SAP

It is the german software jumbo! Also, it is verified as the SAP S/4HANA next-generation software. SAP provides various and vigorous functions to most enterprises. It involves manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, etc. On the other side, S/4HANA offers a few management systems like customer-relationship, financial, product life process, and more.


5# Fashion ERP Software

Most of the Fashion ERP Software is beneficial to control fashion enterprises. The system provides the helping hand to manage the overall organization only by monitoring, managing, analyzing all the business management activities like stock, obtainment, manufacturing, warehousing, etc.

Besides that, in the fashion enterprise, you will see the variations like size, color, fabrics, and more. Thus, fashion ERP helps in terms of managing the variety of products being prepared and sold. Also, we have the top best Apparel ERP examples below for you.

Example of “Fashion ERP Software”

#1. Stitchex

Stitchex is one of the best fashion ERP software. It helps with manufacturing, marketing, sales, together with ordering stock, shipping, etc., to the organization. Also, it comes up with all the features that become easy to set up. You can make your operational decisions and processes smoother than before. On top of that, it helps users to prepare a combination with the third-party software without any problems. And lastly, we would like to add that it permits you to move from another ERP to it without losing your data.


Top Features

  • Stock Management
  • Purchasing or Buyings
  • Clothes Matchings
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Product Management


  • Easy to use
  • Better experience
  • Best technical support


  • Manufacturing features are not available
  • Sometimes helping guides are not present

Pricing of the Software

There are three types of pricing of the software and are below.

  • Premium starts at $79 a month.
  • Plus is starting at $59 per month.
  • Enterprise at $149 p.m.

#2. Exenta

If you are looking for the premier fashion supply chain provider software, Exenta is the best option for your issues. It is available to both apparel and soft goods enterprises. Apparel Software like Exenta focuses on the speed of the market and rapid changes in the fashion industry. Therefore, there are high chances of giving costume satisfaction and observing all the activities of the business organization.






Top Features

  • Effortlessly useful
  • Excellent value
  • Best functionalities
  • Client support


  • Best customer services
  • Working mods
  • Easy to install
  • Capacity to preprint tags


  • More filters are missing
  • Bluecherry supports are horrible

Pricing of the Software

People can take the free trial of Exenta. But, it starts from $10 for each feature and every year.

#3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Apparel ERP Software that provides business management modules like resourcing, producing, shipments, assignments, etc. It also helps organizations to develop their financial processes and operational capabilities. Further, it integrates the CRM and ERP efficiencies, combines data, business logic, and other procedures. It is mainly used by the educational, financial, services, governments, hospitalities, retail, fashion enterprises, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Top Features

  • Financial Management
  • Selling & Servicing Management
  • Operational Management
  • Analytics


  • Easy to understand
  • Alteration becomes effortless
  • Rapidly get proper customers


  • Difficult for new users
  • Need developments in navigation layout

Pricing of the Software

It has two data plans for customers

  • Client Insights $1,500 per month for first dynamics 365 app and Upcoming Qualifying Dynamics 365 for $1,000 p.m.
  • Consumer voice for $2,000 per month.

#4. Syteline

Syteline is an apparel management software, mainly for manufacturers. But it is also used in the fashion industry. It was gained by Infor and identified by Infor ERP. Syteline or Infor ICS are the other names of this software in software technologies. This ERP system converges organizational activities in the operational areas with finance and manufacturing. Also, it manages the stock needs and the rest of the ERP works of the company.


Top Features

  • Schedule and plannings
  • Quality maintenance
  • Financial and project managements
  • Supply management


  • Controls the business requirements
  • Stock accuracy increases
  • Customized and easy to use


  • Need IT to intercede
  • Not value for money

Pricing of the Software

  • $150 a month

#5. Qualtrax

Qualtrax permits users to control their business processes, quality maintenance, automation, customization, and employee training, etc., by using this software. It gives the consolidated data warehouse for all the essential business-relevant documents, instructions, auditing, and training. Also, it can allocate role-based training from the overall company and provide intuitions on one’s performance ability. Therefore, this is combined with other applications to fit the user’s requirements.


Top Features

  • Audit Control
  • Report making
  • Training to employees
  • Workflow controlling


  • Best and positive experience
  • Easy to use software


  • Copy taste is not allowed
  • Difficult workflow

Pricing of the Software

Every software business offers different pricing as per your requirements. So, it’s better to contact the seller’s company to get the exact pricing for this software.


Today software companies have evolved, and they come up with different software for different groups. Such groups are divided into various parts, like retailers, wholesalers, constructions, manufacturing, government, and fashion enterprises.

These departments spent money on their software as per their needs. Therefore, we have the list of the top software with its examples in this blog. You will also get their pros and cons along with their pricing. We hope that this is all you need before making a plan for software for the fashion industry and the rest.


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