Which is The Best Paraphrasing Tool QuillBot or Grammarly?

Writing is a very important aspect of our everyday life, and we see it being used in various sectors. It plays a significant role in many industries of work, like marketing, technology, education, finance, and many others.

Although we have advanced technology today, writing still influences many things, and that’s why we see it almost in all activities we do. Humanity will always write things down, and therefore the chances of making mistakes will forever remain high.

For this reason, we have technological tools to help us write high-quality content that is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also, through the same tools, one can edit, paraphrase, rewrite, and even detect plagiarism in any content.

This article primarily focuses on two essential writing tools, i.e., Grammarly and Quillbot. The article will compare them to see what makes each one of them unique and the features they have. Before comparing them, it’s important first of all to understand what they are and the functions they serve.

Let’s begin.

What is Grammarly?


Grammarly is a writing assistant tool that works to check punctuation, spelling, and grammar to improve the clarity of any written content. Grammarly uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect mistakes and then underlines them to show the writer where the mistakes are.

Since it uses automatic software to highlight the words that look vague, irrelevant, or grammatically wrong, tapping the underlined word or phrase suggests the correct answer. Editing written content without a tool like Grammarly is a hard task that few people can perform.

Therefore, Grammarly stands to be the best paraphrasing tool for making writing and proofreading work easier. One thing about Grammarly is that it does not work well with people with poor grammar. It only helps people improve their writing but cannot correct some mistakes done when writing the content. So, depending on it to give you accuracy on poorly done work may not be possible.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot Logo

Quillbot is a software that people use to rewrite, paraphrase and change the structure of sentences and paragraphs. It is also used to provide a summary when writing using an AI-based system. One of the best features of Quillbot is that it preserves the original meaning of content while maintaining good grammar.

It does not just replace words by suggesting synonyms, as it ensures that the word given will not alter the originality of writing. We know Quillbot as a tool that mainly detects plagiarism from copied work, and it remains one of the most adopted plagiarism checker tools we have currently in the market.

Many people who use Quillbot admit it saves them up to 75% of the time they waste while trying to meet deadlines. Quillbot serves 10+ million people globally, and the number seems to keep on growing.



Once the content is written, proofreading comes next. Proofreading is a skill that every talented writer should learn because it accounts for a big part of the world of writing. There is no way someone can submit what he/she is writing without first correcting all the grammatical mistakes found in the text.

This is what we call proofreading. Grammarly examines the punctuation and spelling mistakes by underlining them for correction. It works closely with its inbuilt Grammarly ad-on tool for better results. Grammarly is the number one proofreading software in the world today. It has many unique features that ensure the documents are concise, clear, and straight to the point.


Quillbot does not have any paraphrasing feature. This means that if you are using Quillbot, you’ll opt to proofread your work manually. This is tedious and time-consuming, and may not be as accurate as AI-based proofreading tools. If you are looking forward to saving time when proofreading, it may force you to look for other options because Quillbot may not have much to offer.



Grammarly is widely known for its ability to act as a revision aid when writing. It is also an excellent tool for correcting spelling and grammar. When writing, it works to paraphrase, summarise, and support overall sentence structure. To prevent your work from repeating words, Grammarly will suggest you better synonyms to replace the repeated words.

Paraphrasing in Grammarly

It does this to enhance the readability and context of documents. To make it even easier for you to get synonym, it allows you to rewrite sentences for clarity. If a document has fragmented or too long sentences, it highlights them, hence becoming the best rewriter tool.


This is also paraphrasing software. It works under a very simple mechanism that allows you to type any content that you want. Then, once you have pressed the para button, it rewrites the entire text while keeping its originality. Quillbot acts as an article spinner that has an integrated English Native Language (ENL) technology for a better experience.

Paraphrasing in Quillbot

Quillbot writes sentences and paragraphs more finely, making them sound as if humans wrote them. It makes documents look professional, clear, and easier to understand.

Grammar Checker


The tool ranks among the best grammar checker tools, as it incorporates all relevant resources needed to check grammar accuracy. Grammarly has high-end and innovative features that enable it the grammar checker of choice among many people. It has a style checker that is inbuilt and works to correct any mistakes found within your writing.

Grammar Checker in Grammarly

When writings are free of grammatical mistakes, they become clear and legible. Grammarly has an algorithm that can detect both simple and complex mistakes while offering suggestions that ensure your work remains consistent. Grammarly’s precision and grammar checker makes this tool the best in the market.

However, Grammarly may not detect all the grammar and punctuation mistakes, and this can force you to re-do the work all over again.


Quillbot is an excellent tool for checking minor grammatical errors. The tool can be used by people who make minor mistakes when writing, that may not require a complex tool to edit. A good number of people seem to prefer Quillbot for grammar checking as the tool uses machine learning to add clarity and concise sentences.

Grammar Checker in QuillBot

As the technology continues to advance, Quillboat’s machine learning abilities are improving day by day, meaning that soon, it may end up being the number one grammar checker software in the world. The tool may not be much more accurate all the time, but this does not make it less of a writing tool.

SEO Optimization Tools


The accuracy of written content matters a lot for SEO strategy. For someone to write SEO-optimised content, he/she must ensure that the content has proper grammar and spelling. If your web content has grammar and spelling mistakes, it cannot appear among the top-ranked web pages on Google or any other search engine.

This may make people stop reading your content by abandoning your site, hence reducing the general traffic. Also, if the document is an assignment, your lecturer may refuse to mark it. If they do, you may get low grades badly, hence affecting your academic performance. Mistakes make it hard for people to trust the information and, of course, no one wants that.


In terms of SEO, Quillbot takes the trophy because the tool has incredible SEO tools for writing. Unlike Grammarly, Quillbot has an SEO-integrated system that enables it to optimize everything that you write. Because of this, most people prefer using Quillbot to drive higher conversion rates and new clients to their sites.

Quillbot algorithm is made to support both on-site and off-site SEO. It has user-friendly tools that help to optimize your content, ranking it on search engines for easier access.

Customer Support


For any business to grow, customer support is critical. The more you make your customers happy, the higher the returns on investments. Writing tools may look perfect but may not impress customers throughout. Sometimes the users may find it difficult to navigate through this software and therefore may require help. When such instances appear, Grammarly offers support through phone calls. The customer support representatives respond instantly, solving the problems within minutes.

Customer Support in Grammarly


Quillbot offers two options to its users, i.e., phone calls and live chats within their main websites. It gives customers the freedom to choose the method of communication they prefer and they will receive the same help. If you don’t feel comfortable calling their customer support desk, you can just start a live chat and you’ll get assistance.

Customer Support in QuillBot



Grammarly Extensions

Extensions are highly usable, especially when users don’t want to keep on login in and out of sites or software. Grammarly has an extensive extension and ads-on that support different search engines and software. For example, it supports Safari Plugin, Chrome Extensions, Firefox, and Microsoft Word.


It has extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. These extensions make it easier for the user to still apply them without the need to visit the site.

QuillBot Extensions


As seen above, using a paraphrasing tool may help save your time up to 75 times or even higher. Rephrasing tools also aid in creating professional-looking and well-formatted documents for presentations. Grammarly and Quillbot may sound different but are two tools that have so much in common. They both work to improve the readability and tone of the content, making it sound as human as possible.

Between the two, there is not a better paraphrasing tool than the other, as each has outstanding features. Based on users’ budgets and preferences, they can select any of the tools that serve them best and will still be satisfied. The most important thing is to know the tool, and the services it offers, as this can help you know which tool is best depending on your needs.


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