PeopleWhiz: is it Legal or Digital Scam?

People maintain their profile socially. Some sites create databases of this type of record. Similarly, PeopleWhiz is a website that consists of 67+ Billion public records. Currently, we live our personal life & professional life very much online and on social media. We do our routine transactions and office work by using one or more online sources.

What is PeopleWhiz?

PeopleWhiz came into existence in 2017, and it possesses the information data of the 62+ billion public records that it offers the users at a reasonable price range. Records of these search engine for people involve criminal records, background reports, culprit history records, etc.

The team has successfully made this website so easy and austere to use. People from non-technology backgrounds or less technological knowledge can utilize the website. It helps to bring out relatable information about social media, mugshots, records, and much more.

Furthermore, in other words, it is one of a kind legit true people search source for all-inclusive records of the individuals. As a result, you can find the old friend who you lost years before. You can effortlessly search for him by adding basic information like the name, city, and state. After that, you will get all the relevant information about that person by using this true people search finder.

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Company Information & Overview

The company was founded in 2017 and provides enormous information about the records of an individual. Huntington Beach of California (Western US State) is where the company is located. PeopleWhiz uses the database of federal records, state records, and social media handlings to give accurate data to users.

The information can be collected from the arbiter derivation bankruptcy statements, wrongdoing, weapon permissions, email histories, address backgrounds, and much more. Therefore, PeopleWhiz is beneficial to find out legal or financial information about any person.

Is PeopleWhiz Legit?

This site is entirely safe, secure, and lawful to use by a person. Besides that, PeopleWhiz has the A+ attribution from the Better Business Bureau that indicates they are out of harm’s way.

Despite this, you will be surprised to know – this website is mentioned through CNN and Forbs as valid with trustworthy websites to check out the below factors. Moreover, the website is working for the users 24/7, 365 days a year. You can connect with their professional agents through the toll-free number 833-276-9449. As mentioned, they are available 24 hours to you whether it’s a working day or a holiday.


Effortless Use of Associate

The ease of using the website is beneficial to you without any doubt. It does not provide any complicated or stiff characteristics and plans. Also, it has inbuilt standardized systems for everyone. Therefore, even the newest computer handler can use it.

Two Ways of Searching

You can find there are two search options available on PeopleWhiz. The first one is simple to search, and another is an advanced search option. You can effortlessly use this website even if you have less information like name only. You only have to enter the full name of the person.

Free of Cost Searching

It offers you the free-of-cost service of finding individuals. Further, they might charge you a bit of money. Use PeopleWhiz – True People Search App for free. However, they can charge you extra money if you are searching for people in bulk.

Huge Data

You can search anyone from your neighbors to your colleagues and more. PeopleWhiz helps you in findings because it has the numeric data of 660+ million people. So for this reason it stands as one of the Best People Search Engine that has such huge colossal databases.

Allows for Self Operating

It is a self-operating website. You don’t have to depend on others who have the idea of running the websites. Even people with less knowledge can operate this website easily.

How does the PeopleWhiz Website Work?

The website starts from a link that is uncomplex, uncomplicated, and effortless to use. The users can directly fill in a few details like first & last names, city, and the state of the person they want to search. People can obtain almost all information even, so if you don’t get the details of your interest, you can opt for the advance search.

Moreover, you have to add the age and the middle name of the person you want to find on PeopleWhiz. Once your details are filled in, tap on the search button bringing out the relevant data. Now the website will take you to the new page where the findings are going on. Two or three minutes are enough for them to see all the information on the website.

PeopleWhiz Reviews

Reviews depend on different factors like price, source, security, and many others.  Price rates of the website depend on the service type you opt for. People often check for a simple background, but a few people can select to rectify all the details. And then there are a few people who want to verify all the information from overtime.

However, PeopleWhiz does not show the cash amount of services. Therefore, you have to make a call on their provided numbers. It also helps to select the best service and price for you. Apart from this, they give you a variety of alternative services to choose the best amongst them as per your comfort.


  • You can find the lost friend, relative, girlfriend, or person you like by using the website.
  • Users can take advantage of the 24/7 help a year.
  • You can find a few search options if you don’t want to use the paid version.
  • It comes with both options, simple search, and advanced search. You can take all the relevant information by using these alternatives.
  • The website helps to give you an easy-to-use experience.
  • If you are paying an amount for the search and don’t get the information because of some issues, you can claim to get the refund in cash.
  • Immediate outcomes on both free and advanced searches are available.


  • The most common con we can see is that the website is not listed in the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).
  • You can’t verify your business-related clients on PeopleWhiz.


Which is the source of getting in touch with PeopleWhiz customer’s services?

People are using the website to an upper extent because of the bulk database. Therefore, PeopleWhiz pays attention to each user by giving a toll-free number on the website. Similarly, people can connect with them by using this contact number and clear their errors.

Does the PeopleWhiz website allow international searches?

Although the website is the best platform to find a friend, it is only for the USA people. International people can’t use the website as it has the data of only American individuals. Therefore, we can see that the record and history of Americans are available on this platform.

Is there any scope to remove the self-data records?

This site allows individuals to remove their information present on the website and it’s not a hectic thing; you can delete your details without a charge. However, you can sign up for the membership, and then you have to take hold for at least five days.


By knowing all the facts, we would like to highlight the points that help you understand this search engine for people better.

PeopleWhiz is a secure website that anyone can use from the USA. But, the prices might differ as it doesn’t show the price according to the services. Still, you can use this website for free to find your friends or relatives.

Besides that, you can check the background details of the person if you are in high need. And the best customer service with a refund of cash options is available on this website. So, to bring out a friend who has been lost for a long time can be possible by using these True People Search App.


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